btb afp-viewer

Get the BTB AFP Viewer now….(Version 1.4)

Download a trial version to see the strength of this industry strength viewer. Load any AFP-File generated by IBM Infoprint Manager, PSF, or any other vendors formatting engine and view them immediately on your desktop. Additionally you can export your pages into graphic formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, BMP,EPS and others, as well as printing to your local printer.

The viewer allows you to see every single page of an AFP file, including inlined resources, TLE indexes, GOCA and IOCA images and of course
all the text within it.

The new Version 1.4 is now improved and is working fully with Windows 7.

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afp to print

is a server based print tool, that allows you to print your AFP-Documents in batch. It makes it the ideal tool for centralized printing and queuing for desktop print-jobs to a centralized Network printer.
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afp to image

is a Server based tool, that allows central queueing and conversion of AFP Images.
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