AFPWorld.Com is a website for the exchange of any information around the subject of AFP (Advanced Function Printing), the enterprise printing in general, the industry specializing in this subject and the software used.
Additionally AFPWorld.Com resells software that is being used in this area and promotes it.In conducting this exchange of information and resale of software, we strictly adhere to the policy statement below:

Privacy, Surveys and Contests

AFPWorld.Com will never sell or disclose any information supplied by the users and customers of the website to a third party except for credit card charges and to the original vendor of the software.
We may use the customers’ information for mailings of promotional or current offers, special sales and contests. We are committed to ensure your privacy. If you do not wish to be included in these mailings, please send an e-mail with the subject “REMOVE” to


AFPWorld.Com has taken security measures in order to guarantee that your information is secure once submitted to us. The secure WebPages are protected using Truste® technology for encryption. All your information is transferred to our local servers using secured transactions as well.


AFPWorld.Com provides information around the subject of AFP and the enterprise printing and related software in this business. AFPWorld.Com cannot be held liable for any damages or losses resulting in the use of the information.
The user of the information itself is responsible to ensure that the information provided is accurate and will not have any impact on any system or procedure it is used on.
AFPWorld.Com can also not be held responsible for any software that is resold through the online store, since the terms and conditions of the vendor of the software apply. These are shown upon the first installation and have to be accepted by the user.
AFPWorld.Com can also not be held responsible for any trial software that is being downloaded and any damage or loss it causes to an end-users system. The user of the software should verify that the software is free of any viruses and should never install the software immediately on a productive system.

Shipping and Billing

Each software item sold via AFPWorld.Com will explicitly state if the software is provided as a download version, or as delivered on a media.
Your credit card will be charged the same day you placed your order. As soon as your credit card has cleared, we will process your order.


All prices shown are in US$ and Euro. The total price will be calculated for you on the online order form. A change in pricing never applies to orders already ordered or invoiced and delivered. The invoiced price is the valid price shown at the time of your order. Your credit card company may charge you an additional fee for transactions in foreign currencies. AFPWorld.Com charges are made in Euro (€).


AFPWorld.Com cannot accept returns of software due to copyright issues. However most software can be downloaded as a trial version to verify the functionality of the software.

Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by notifying users (through posting an “Update” notice on this Web page and possibly others, and an announcement in the newsletter) of the existence of a new Privacy Policy or any updates. Any significant change in the use of personal information would not be retroactive to include information gathered under a previous policy.

Last Update to this policy: January 1st, 2014