links to education on afp

The following is a list of links for various AFP resources, such as manuals and other information. If you have some additional links that might be useful please email them to us at together with a description of the link.

afp consortium


A vendor independent consortium for definitions within the AFP printing stream.

Ricoh printing systems


You find a not only more detailed information to IBM products, printers and software, but also find several links to software and manuals for it.

ibm psf bookshelf manager

PSF/VM V2R1.0 (PSF/VM V2R1.0)Print Services Facility/VM V2R1.0

PSF V4R1 for z/OS (Print Services Facility V4R1 for z/OS)

Print Services Facility V3R4 for z/OS (PSF V3R4 for z/OS)

Print Services Facility V3R3.0 for OS/390 and z/OS (PSF V3R3.0 for OS/390 and z/OS)

ibm printing redbooks


Various redbooks about IBM printing systems and software.

ibm afp printer driver


The printer driver works like a virtual printer, that allows you to create documents and other forms in windows applications and through activating the print driver creates an AFP file or Overlay. The driver is fairly limited in its ability to manage resources, color and adding indexes to the documents produced, but it is definately a useful tool for a quick fix for creating static AFP pages.

ibm acif users guide


ACIF is the Afp Conversion and Indexing Facility. It is a tool used to create indexed AFP documents, that can be downloaded for viewing and other processes.

afp mailing list by michael botos


A quite interesting unmoderated AFP Users List. Members of the users list send questions, to the group which are answered by other users, that might have had similar experience in the field. The list is also used by a number of vendors
to bring in their marketing hype, but in most cases the information is quite useful.