The following is an overview of a number of triplets that can be found in the IBM manuals and are provided for a fast overview.

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AFP Triplets sorted by abbreviation


BAG X’D3A8C9′ Begin Active Environment Group
BBC X’D3A8EB’ Begin Bar Code Object
BCA X’D3A877′ Begin Color Attribute Table
BDA X’D3EEEB’ Bar Code Data
BDD X’D3A6EB’ Bar Code Data Descriptor
BDG X’D3A8C4′ Begin Document Environment Group
BDI X’D3A8A7′ Begin Document Index
BDT X’D3A8A8′ Begin Document
BFG X’D3A8C5′ Begin Form Environment Group (Obsolete)
BFM X’D3A8CD’ Begin Form Map
BGR X’D3A8BB’ Begin Graphics Object
BII X’D3A87B’ Begin IM Image (C)
BIM X’D3A8FB’ Begin Image Object
BMM X’D3A8CC’ Begin Medium Map
BMO X’D3A8DF’ Begin Overlay
BNG X’D3A8AD’ Begin Named Page Group
BOC X’D3A892′ Begin Object Container
BOG X’D3A8C7′ Begin Object Environment Group
BPG X’D3A8AF’ Begin Page
BPS X’D3A85F’ Begin Page Segment
BPT X’D3A89B’ Begin Presentation Text Object
BR X’D3A8CE’ Begin Resource (R)
BRG X’D3A8C6′ Begin Resource Group
BSG X’D3A8D9′ Begin Resource Environment Group
CAT X’D3B077′ Color Attribute Table
CDD X’D3A692′ Container Data Descriptor
CTC X’D3A79B’ Composed Text Control (O)
EAG X’D3A9C9′ End Active Environment Group
EBC X’D3A9EB’ End Bar Code Object
ECA X’D3A977′ End Color Attribute Table
EDG X’D3A9C4′ End Document Environment Group
EDI X’D3A9A7′ End Document Index
EDT X’D3A9A8′ End Document
EFG X’D3A9C5′ End Form Environment Group (Obsolete)
EFM X’D3A9CD’ End Form Map
EGR X’D3A9BB’ End Graphics Object
EII X’D3A97B’ End IM Image (C)
EIM X’D3A9FB’ End Image Object
EMM X’D3A9CC’ End Medium Map
EMO X’D3A9DF’ End Overlay
ENG X’D3A9AD’ End Named Page Group
EOC X’D3A992′ End Object Container
EOG X’D3A9C7′ End Object Environment Group
EPG X’D3A9AF’ End Page
EPS X’D3A95F’ End Page Segment
EPT X’D3A99B’ End Presentation Text Object
ER X’D3A9CE’ End Resource (R)
ERG X’D3A9C6′ End Resource Group
ESG X’D3A9D9′ End Resource Environment Group
FGD X’D3A6C5′ Form Environment Group Descriptor (Obsolete)
GAD X’D3EEBB’ Graphics Data
GDD X’D3A6BB’ Graphics Data Descriptor
ICP X’D3AC7B’ IM Image Cell Position (C)
IDD X’D3A6FB’ Image Data Descriptor
IEL X’D3B2A7′ Index Element
IID X’D3A67B’ IM Image Input Descriptor (C)
IMM X’D3ABCC’ Invoke Medium Map
IOB X’D3AFC3′ Include Object
IOC X’D3A77B’ IM Image Output Control (C)
IPD X’D3EEFB’ Image Picture Data
IPG X’D3AFAF’ Include Page
IPO X’D3AFD8′ Include Page Overlay
IPS X’D3AF5F’ Include Page Segment
IRD X’D3EE7B’ IM Image Raster Data (C)
LLE X’D3B490′ Link Logical Element
MBC X’D3ABEB’ Map Bar Code Object
MCA X’D3AB77′ Map Color Attribute Table
MCC X’D3A288′ Medium Copy Count
MCD X’D3AB92′ Map Container Data
MCF X’D3AB8A’ Map Coded Font
MCF-1 X’D3B18A’ Map Coded Font Format-1 (C)
MDD X’D3A688′ Medium Descriptor
MDR X’D3ABC3′ Map Data Resource
MFC X’D3A088′ Medium Finishing Control
MGO X’D3ABBB’ Map Graphics Object
MIO X’D3ABFB’ Map Image Object
MMC X’D3A788′ Medium Modification Control
MMO X’D3B1DF’ Map Medium Overlay
MMT X’D3AB88′ Map Media Type
MPG X’D3ABAF’ Map Page
MPO X’D3ABD8′ Map Page Overlay
MPS X’D3B15F’ Map Page Segment
MSU X’D3ABEA’ Map Suppression
NOP X’D3EEEE’ No Operation
OBD X’D3A66B’ Object Area Descriptor
OBP X’D3AC6B’ Object Area Position
OCD X’D3EE92′ Object Container Data
PFC X’D3B288′ Presentation Fidelity Control
PGD X’D3A6AF’ Page Descriptor
PGP X’D3B1AF’ Page Position
PGP-1 X’D3ACAF’ Page Position Format-1 (C)
PMC X’D3A7AF’ Page Modification Control
PTD X’D3B19B’ Presentation Text Data Descriptor
PTD-1 X’D3A69B’ Presentation Text Descriptor Format-1 (C)
PTX X’D3EE9B’ Presentation Text Data
TLE X’D3A090′ Tag Logical Element