allows you to convert AFP Documents into images for interfacing with web applications, or other third party products for applications such as faxing or archiving.

AFP2Image converts AFP documents into standard formats such as JPG, GIF or PNG regardless of the AFP Objects that the incoming AFP document consists.


  • Integration of AFP Documents into existing IT systems and Web Applications
  • Flexibility through platform independent exhange of documents.
  • Archiving in one of the named image formats
  • Print of AFP Documents on any windows printer
  • Viewing of AFP Documents on graphical user interface



  • Conversion of AFP Documents using a GUI interface under Windows
  • ACIF, TLE Index and full text search
  • Single page print or entire document
  • Export into standard image formats
  • Utilizing all AFP Resources in 240, 300 and 600 dpi


supported image formats

TIF (various compression) BMP, GIF, MO:DCA, IOCA, JPG, PNG, FAX (G3, G4)

pricing and purchase

AFP2Image is currently not available for purchase via download. If you are interested in a copy of AFP2Image or like more information then please contact us via email at: